Alison Mclean

Head of Behavioural Science, AIA Australia 

Alison McLean is Head of Behavioural  Science at AIA Australia where she appliesbehavioural insights to enable members to meet their health and financial wellbeing goals. Alison strives to embed behavioural science across the organisation from the design of products and proportions to customer communications and as part of AIA Vitality. 

Prior to joining AIA Australia, Alison worked at Swiss Re as the Head of Behavioural Research where she established their global behavioural science team in 2014. During her time at Swiss Re, her team conducted over 100 behavioural science trials related to insurance and health decision making and behaviour; she established collaborations with leading behavioural science academics and institutions and championed an interdisciplinary approach across behavioural science, data science and technology to create more sophisticated understanding of the heterogeneity of behaviour and drive automated, scaled applications of behavioural science. 

Alison in a clinically trained economist who as completed a Master of Science in Health Economics, Policy and Management (London School of Economics), holds a Master of Health Science in Health and Environment (Queensland University of Technology) and a Bachelor of Health Science Occupational Therapy (University of Newcastle, Australia).