Dr Lee Ashton

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles, The University of Newcastle

Dr Ashton is a post-doctoral researcher at the Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition and the School of Health Sciences at the University of Newcastle. 

His research focuses on the development and evaluation of user-driven, healthy lifestyle programs using innovative technologies to improve eating habits, physical activity and well-being in young adults. 

Lee completed his undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science in 2010, and a Master of Science in Nutrition, Obesity & Health in 2011 at the University of Leeds (UK). In 2017 he was awarded his PhD from the University of Newcastle. 

Lee’s ultimate goal is to help connect more young people with the information they need to stay healthy. Together with Laureate Professor Clare Collins and team, Lee has created targeted digital tools such as the No Money, No Time website, to help debunk damaging diet myths and get research-informed health and nutrition messages into the hands of young Australians.