Dr Moira Junge

Senior Consultant, 360 Edge; Health Psychologist & Board Member, Sleep Health Foundation 

Moira is a Senior Consultant at 360Edge, leading experts in alcohol and other drug policy and practice development. A Health Psychologist, Moira is an experienced AOD practitioner with a focus on creating mentally healthy workplaces characterised by optimal organisational health, wellbeing and productivity of employees. She is experienced in providing mental health strategy for large organisations, including reviews and gap, analysis of organisational mental health offerings and policy implementation. She has worked with large corporate organisations and government departments, including the health sector, Australia Post, AMP, City of Melbourne, Telstra and AGL.  

Moira is also a board member of the Sleep Health Foundation. The Sleep Health Foundation is the leading national advocate for sleep health. Their mission is to improve people’s lives through better sleep. The strategic priorities are advocacy, health promotion, community education, partnering with other health organisations, ensuring best practice and continuing to form research partnerships. Moira brings clinical and research experience and a passion for the importance of sleep to the Workplace Wellness Festival. She is an excellent sleeper.