Joey Templin

Business Development Manager Meetings & EventsHuman Resources Manager, Club Med Australia & New Zealand 

A dynamic and enthusiastic personality, Joey is known for his tenacity and passion in bringing the best out of his clients and peers. He strives to live his daily mantra of ” Living the Wellness Dream “   

With 25 years’ experience in the Hotel Tourism and Hotel Industry working in a range of areas, Joey has strong knowledge of resort operations, has held many intimate and large scale events, works closely with the teams and has several years of HR experience.He has a passion for Meeting & Events and is committed to delivering exceptional events and experiences for his clients. 

Club Med has been the brand that has stolen his heart and become a major part of his life after he became the first Australian Resort Manager for Club Med. Joey works in over 30 different sun and ski resorts, in over 15 different countries,  and speaks many different languages as he was born in the island paradise of Mauritius Islands.  

Now based in the Pacific HQ in Sydney, Joey specialises in organising exceptional Meetings and Events.