Michele Chevalley Hedge

Nutritionist, international speaker and author, A Healthy View 

There may be many wellness practitioners stepping into the space of health and food but there are not many nutritionists who come from busy corporate backgrounds, have three kids, a messy home and who really can understand modern day peoples’ requirements for health, happy hormones, and vitality. Meet Michele Chevalley Hedge, a nutritionist, an author, and international speaker who knows how to take the serious business of wellbeing into a light hearted talk with take away  ‘do-able’ solutions.   

Michele has been nominated by her peers for the past three years as a finalist in Australia Mental Health Awards as she shares a deep passion for our mental health as much our physical health and emotional wellbeing.   Michele is a Cure Cancer ambassador, Heart Research Institute ambassador, Jamie Oliver ambassador and has received the Highly Commended Nutritional Medicine practitioner from her industry body. 

Michele Chevalley Hedge was previously a teacher then a marketing manager at Microsoft, so she truly understands the needs of time-poor person who, family or not, wants health but not hassle.  She is often introduced by health magazine editors as “the modern day nutritionist – the one who likes a bit of wine and coffee or pinots & piccolos”. Michele new book,  Eat, Drink & Still Shrink – a joyful guide to eating and living well will be published internationally in August this year. Michele’s current book,  The Healthy Hormone diet- a 28 day guide for sleep, mood, & energy, has enjoyed several reprints and is on the best sellers health and wellbeing books this year.  Michele’s passion for evidence based research and many years of clinical experience presented in a ’non extreme manner’ is what makes all of her speaking engagements so valuable to the listener.