Rachel Hind

Founder, Be Your Best Self

As a qualified lawyer and accountant with over 25 years senior corporate experience, I understand the stresses and pressures of high performing careers often while balancing and juggling a household, children, partners, extended family and modern stresses.  I founded the businesses Be Your Best Self and Women Leading Change to help people grow and maximimise  mental fitness and performanceI am obsessed now with helping organisations and individuals to unlock their full potential and be the best version of themselves. I help leaders help their employees to reprogram their minds for success, break through barriers and change unhealthy habits and wrong priorities. 

I am a Neuro Science Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and a Nationally Qualified Alcohol Recovery Trainer and Facilitator who is an expert in educating and improving mental fitness including unhealthy (often harmful) habits. 

I shift high performers to outstanding performers and low performers to high performers as they move often from disassociated and disillusioned to associated, empowered and successful, at both home and work.  


I provide organisations with information, education, prevention and resilience tips on mental fitness, mindset, unhealthy stress coping mechanisms such as alcohol, smoking, drugs (prescription & illegal). I then give some immediate strategies for leaders plus employees to bring awareness, assessment and change so both the organisation and their people are operating at their full potential, being the best version of themselves, at home and at work.