Tatjana Jokic

NSW & QLD Council Member, Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association  

Tatjana Jokic is Managing Director JK Corporate Resourcing and holds a BA (Psychology & Anthropology), Masters Applied Anthropology, Master of Arts (Psychology). Tatjana is a Registered Psychologist who currently works in corporate health facilitating return to work programs and rehabilitation. Tatjana has over 20 years’ experience as a Psychologist, working with individuals and organisations during this period to assist with workplace wellness, reducing the risk of psychological harm and in particular working with complex psychological claims within the health sector. Tatjana works with stakeholders to reduce the stigma attached to psychological claims and conditions, promoting the need to treat psychological safety the same as physical safety.  

Tatjana is a member of the Standards Australia Committee on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems which is developing a new standard for psychological health at work, and part of the working group on the International Standards Organization which is developing a new standard for safe working in a pandemic. Tatjana also sits on the NSW and QLD Councils for the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association and sits on the executive team for the Health Benefits of Good Work campaign.